We believe that fitness is a personal journey. Clients simply purchase credits or a memebreship via this online reservation system and from there, create a customized, personal workout program, based on the robust offerings at Mecka.
Use your credits for Cycling, Yoga, BODYLAB, BOOTCAMP, ROWING etc..


or for $50 sign up for all the classes you want in our
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Mecka Series - Pay for credits

NEW CUSTOMER SPECIAL * 2 classes for $20.00
1 Class Credit
5 Class Credits
10 Class Credits
20 Class Credits
30 Class Credits
NEW CLIENT 2 weeks unlimited

Reoccurring SERIES - BEST VALUE-Credits or Unlimited access re-occurs each month. Cancel with 14 day email notice

Reoccuring 3 Classes per week 13creditsmonth
This series renews automatically every month.
$120.00 /month
This series renews automatically every month.
$149.00 /month

UNLIMITED CYCLE ONLY - This gives you full unlimited access to any class in our CYCLE AUDITORIUM

This is for classes that originate in our CYCLE AUDITORIUM only. You will be billed $99 monthly for unlimited CYCLE classes. CANCEL ANYTIME.
$99.00 /month

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Have a question about Mecka's philosophy, unique benefits, process, or team? You're not alone. Here's what we get asked the most. If you don't see your question listed, feel free to contact us directly.

How do I sign up for a class?

Simply create an account, once you register your credit is placed in your account and you are ready to go to the Reserve page, pick your class.

What should I expect if I am new to Mecka?

Mecka classes unite cardio, core, and weight training into a concise 45- 60 minute workout. When you arrive, let one of us know that it’s your first visit and we’ll make sure that you’re set up properly. 

How many calories are burned per Mecka class?

It’s really up to you. Many factors come into play, including your weight, the type of class and the amount of energy you put in. Research shows that, on average, indoor cyclists burn 400 to 600 calories in a 50-minute workout; ROWfit, HIIT it, YOGA and Boot Camp.... you get out what you put in...

What should I wear to a Mecka class?

We recommend wearing comfortable workout attire. Avoid loose-fitting long pants that could get caught in the pedals if you are cycling. As a beginner, the seat and the bike may take a little getting used to, so feel free to wear padded bike shorts or using a cushioned gel seat for added comfort. 
Clip-in cycling shoes are required; they help you get more from the workout and provide added stability and safety on the bike. They are available for rent at the front desk for $2 per class and are offered for sale as well. Our bikes accommodate universal SPD or LOOK DELTA clips.

Do I need to bring anything with me to a Mecka class?

Not really, but we provide cubbies for storage during classes if you do. Complimentary fresh workout towels, bath towels, and shower toiletries are provided; cold bottled water is available for purchase.

Which ages and fitness levels benefit from cycling?

Mecka is suited for all fitness levels and most ages. Indoor cycling is a no-impact activity, and causes less stress on knees, hips, and ankles than many other forms of cardio. Riders from all ages and fitness levels report that it is the most fun and enjoyable workout they have ever experienced.

Do I have to be in great shape to participate in a Mecka class?

In short – no. This is a no-judgment zone. In cycling, each bike allows you to adjust the resistance level to suit your own needs and go at your own pace. If you have a physical condition or health issue, please consult your physician before participating in a Mecka class. In our other fitness classes, please let your instructor know of your condition so they can recommend how to maximize your experience safely. 

What is the minimum age to participate in a Mecka cycling class?

Anyone over the age of 14 is allowed to participate. Riders under the age 18 require a parent’s consent.

What is the maximum weight to participate in a Mecka Cycle class?

The bikes have a suggested maximum weight capacity of 300lbs. and are designed to properly fit participants a minimum of 4”11” tall. If you fall outside these limits, feel free to contact one of our team members to discuss alternate options.

What type of indoor bike does Mecka Fitness use?

The Mecka Cycling auditorium is outfitted with Schwinn Authentic Cycling bikes. These state-of-the-art indoor cycle bikes combine a chain drive with an oversized, perimeter-weighted flywheel to create an authentic and natural riding experience. Each bike is outfitted with a virtual contact resistance system that utilizes magnets and an aluminum disk to create frictionless resistance—this gives you complete control over the intensity of your workout.



As industry standard please cancel your reservations ONLINE 12 hours prior to class. This gives ample time to fill the empty spots to those wanting to take a class. 


If you have an unlimited membership and you do not cancel in the 12 hour window then you could be charged a $10 no-show fee.